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Monastiraki Square Athens

Visit the district around Monastiráki Square in Athens


Monastiráki Square (μοναστηρακι) is a lively square that is centrally located in the Monastiráki district of Athens and is known for its Sunday flea market.

Monastiráki Square

Monastiráki Square (or μοναστηρακι) is a square that is centrally located in the Monastiráki district. This square is located in the east of the center of Athens. It is a lively square with plenty to see and experience.

What to see around Monastiráki square?

The Panagia Pantánassa church can be found on the square. This church was built as part of a nunnery that used to be on the site of this square. The name Monastiráki therefore means small monastery. It is a church with a dome and many decorations in the inside. The Tzisdarakis mosque is also located on this square. This mosque was built during the time of the Ottoman Empire. After that, the mosque has been turned into a museum and is no longer a religious place. There are also several shops under the old mosque.

Monastiraki-squareAthensThe Tzisdarakis Mosque in Monastiraki Square
MonastirakiThe Greek Orthodox Church of Panagia Pantánassa in the square

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Every Sunday there is a flea market where you can buy all kinds of items for a cheap price. Here you will find everything from clothing, books, accessories and antiques. This market is often busy and you have to search well before you find a gem. There are also many nice shops and terraces on the square. It is centrally located and there is also a convenient metro station.

square in AthensFrom the roof terraces around the square you have a beautiful view
flee market AthensThe flea market is every Sunday in Monastiraki square

Historic Sites in Monastiráki

Near Monastiráki Square you will find several archaeological sites such as Hadrian's Library. The building is named after Emperor Hadrian who also commissioned the construction of the library. In 267 the library was damaged during a raid. The building has never been fully restored.

A little further at the Ancient Agora you will also find the Stoa van Attalus. This striking building was commissioned by King Attalus II. This king had the stoa built as a thank you to the city of Athens, because he had been able to receive an education there. The Agora Museum is now located in the Stoa of Attalus.

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Hadrian's Library AthensHadrian's Library
Stoa of AttalusThe Stoa of Attalus of the Ancient Agora

East of the Ancient Agora is also the Roman Agora. The Roman Agora used to be surrounded by a wall and contained a square with stoas and several shops and trading places. Just outside this gate is the Tower of the Winds. This tower indicated the time and the wind direction in ancient Athens.

Roman Agora of AthensThe Roman Agora of Athens
Tower of the WindsThe Tower of the Winds next to the Roman Agora

What else to see in the neighbourhood?

There is much more to see in the vicinity of this district. For example, combine your visit to Monastiráki Square with a visit to the Great Metropolitan. This is a Greek Byzantine cathedral and also the largest church in Athens. Three architects worked on this church and the construction took more than 20 years. This also explains why the inside of this church consists of different styles. On Mitrópolis Square is the Little Metropolitan, a very small church that is possibly the smallest church in the world.

Great MetropolitanGreat Metropolitan (Mitropoleos)
Monastiraki places to visitThe Little Metropolitan (Panagia Gorgoepikoos)

The best place to go shopping is Ermou Street. This is the most famous shopping street in Athens. This street is 700 meters long and there are both expensive and cheaper shops. When you are in Ermou Street, it is definitely worth visiting the church Panagia Kapnikarea. This church is dedicated to Saint Mary and was built around 1050 and is often called the most beautiful church in Athens. The Museum of Illusions is also nearby. In this museum you can view all kinds of optical illusions. This is a fun activity for both kids and adults (more info and tickets Museum of Illusions).

Athens Shopping StreetErmou, the shopping street between Monastiráki Square and Syntagma Square
Monastiraki GreecePanagia Kapnikarea, possibly the most beautiful church in Athens

Where is Monastiráki Square in Athens?

Monastiraki square
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