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Piraeus Greece, Port of Athens

Experience the atmosphere in the marinas of Piraeus Greece


Piraeus is the main port of Athens and Greece. Visit the attractive marinas such as Zéa Marína and Mikrolímano. What to do in Piraeus?

Accessibility Piraeus from Athens

Metro From the center of Athens you can easily reach the port by metro. From Monastiráki metro station, take line M1 towards Piraeus. Metros leave approximately every 10 minutes and take 17 minutes to reach Piraeus Metro Station. From here it is still a kilometer walk to the marinas
Bus The blue hop-on hop-off buses (info and tickets) have 4 different lines, of which the blue line serves the ports of Piraeus. An ideal way if you have limited time to visit Piraeus and/or Athens.

Piraeus, the port of Athens

Piraeus (Πειραιάς) is a city belonging to Athens. This city is known for its important port. It is one of the most important ports in Greece. From this port many ferries go to the Greek islands. You can also buy tickets at the harbor to join the ferry. This makes it the largest passenger port in all of Europe. The town is easily accessible by train from the center of Athens.

PiraeusZéa Marína, the marina of Piraeus Greece
Piraeus portWhat to do in Piraeus? The Olympias ship in Zéa Marína

What to do in Piraeus?

Piraeus port is also a nice day trip when you are in Athens. You will find numerous restaurants and shops. In the summer you can walk around here. This is also a nice city for boat enthusiasts. You will find the Zéa Marína here. This is a harbor where many yachts moor and often the Olympias ship, a replica of an old Athenian ship, is also located in the harbor. You can view the most exclusive yachts at Mikrolímano. Very expensive and luxurious yachts are regularly moored. Piraeus Greece has lively harbors where there is always something to see.

Piraeus athensThe most exclusive marina Mikrolímano
Piraeus GreeceOn the other side of Piraeus Greece: container ships and ferries

What else to do in Piraeus? In Piraeus you will also find the Hellenic Maritime Museum. This is the largest maritime museum in Greece. Here you can view various objects from the history of the Greek navy. This museum thus offers a slightly different collection than many of the archaeological museums you will find in Athens.

In addition to the maritime museum, you will also find the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. In this museum you can learn more about the history of the city and the port. You can also view statues and sculptures found in the area. This museum is located close to the metro station and is therefore easy to reach.

Boat Tours from Piraeus

The port of Piraeus is one of the places from where ferries depart to many Greek islands. For example, you can easily make day trips to, for example, the Saronic islands such as Hydra, Poros and Aegina. Some interesting boat tours and day trips:

Where is Piraeus in Greece?

Piraeus Athens
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