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Philopappos Hill Athens

Climb Filopappou, the hill with the Philopappos monument

Philopappos Athens

The Philopappos Hill (Filopappou) is a green hill close to the Acropolis with, among other things, the prison of Socrates. From the Filopappos monument you have a beautiful view.

Visit Philopappos hill

Accessibility How to get to Philopappos hill? The hill can be climbed from several sides and the walk up the hill will take 15 minutes. The most frequently used route is from Apostolou Pavlou. For this street you walk 600 meters from the Acropolis museum (at the Acropolis metro stop) towards the entrance of the Acropolis. Instead of turning right onto the Acropolis, choose to turn left and enter the Filopappos Park.
Admission The park is free to visit 24 hours a day.

Philopappos Hill

Philopappos Hill (also Filopappos or Philopappu) is a hill close to the Acropolis. The hill is 147 meters high. This is not the highest hill in Athens (that is the hill of Lykavittós), but you do have a beautiful view. It is also easier to walk up this hill. This hill and the surrounding area are very green. Especially the view is spectacular. You have a wide view over the Acropolis and other sights. It is often less crowded here than at other viewpoints. If you don't want to make a long hike, but still want to enjoy nature, this is definitely recommended.

Philopappos hillThe hill seen from the Acropolis
Philopappos monumentThe Funerary Monument at Philopappos

Philopappos Monument

The Philopappos Hill is named after Prince Philopappos who lived in Athens. He contributed a lot to the city and was therefore loved by many of the inhabitants of Athens. When he died, his sister had a monument made for him. You can see this Philopappos Monument on the hill. It is made of marble and has several inscriptions.

Prison of Socrates

On this hill you will also find the Prison of Socrates. This prison is a cave and doesn't look that exciting at first. Nevertheless, the meaning behind the prison is important. It seems that the famous philosopher Socrates was imprisoned here. Socrates had innovative ideas that clashed with the ideas of the ancient Greeks. He went to jail for this. During his trial he probably stayed in the prison on Philopappos Hill. After his prison stay he was found guilty and was poisoned.

Prison of SocratesPrison of Socratess
Philopappos AthensView from Philopappos Hill

Where is the Filopappos Hill in Athens?

Philipappos monument
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